Sherbets…of the drink variety

April 27, 2010

Indian beverages often referred to as sherbets, are meant to beat the heat of the sultry summer or to provide warm comfort during winter.

As April draws to an end, we’re thinking what better than a glass of Limeade to celebrate the promise of the long, lazy summer days to come…or when we’re plunged back into the dread of winter without any warning reach for the Darjeeling tea! 


More tart than lemonade, limeade is the perfect sunshine drink…

Shopping List
You will need:
-10 tablespoons limejuice
– 8 tablespoons icing sugar
– ½ pint soda water

Stir the icing sugar into the limejuice, mixing until dissolved. Gradually pour in the soda water, stirring.

Serve in ice-filled glasses.

Tea for Two

The Indian word for tea, ‘Chai’ is full bodied and strong. Our favourite, Darjeeling, considered the champagne of teas, makes for a lighter afternoon brew. Serve from your favourite teapot and keep warm with a lovely tea cosy.


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